Bali Tours

Dewa JJ will lead you on many fascinating tours throughout the island of Bali. A native Balinese who is fluent in English, Dewa JJ has more than 20 years experience leading cultural tours. His extensive knowledge about the culture and the Hindu religion add a greater dimension to his tours, as he often shares interesting stories about the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. His personalized tour programs will take you off the beaten track to hidden places that are rarely found in any tour guide book. You will have the opportunity to explore Bali’s unique natural beauty, such as stunning terraced rice fields and impressive volcanoes, as well as visiting ancient temples and historic landmarks.


Adventure TourIMG_4903

Your day of fun & frivolity begins with a 9am pick up. Your choice of water sports: jet skiing, paragliding or surfing lesson (price separate from tour). In the afternoon, you’ll visit Bali Safari Marine Park where you’ll get to see many exotic animals and experience fabulous shows. (entry ticket not included) Tour price US$55


Rise and shine at 2am for departure for an exhilarating volcano trek up Mt Batur for spectacular sunrise views (depending on season & weather conditions).


Jump on board an ATV followed by a visit to one of Bali’s beautiful rice terraces OR River rafting & paintball (entry tickets not included)


Cultural Tour

Bali is known for its many fascinating cultural sites including temples and Bali Aga villages where tribal people still live maintaining ancient traditions. On this special tour you will also get to meet several talented artisans and see how they create their art. You will depart at 9am to see a traditional Barong dance, where you will get to experience the alluring beauty and mystery of Bali through this magnificent art form. Afterward, you will visit Silver artisans, painting & wood artists, as well as visit a stunning Holy water temple and finish your day at a Coffee plantation where you will get to taste many delicious varieties of coffee for free and learn about how Coffee Luwak is produced.  Tour price US$55

Spiritual Tour

 Come experience the sacred Bali and go off the beaten track with this truly one-of-a-kind tour. Your day will begin with 9am pick up at your hotel. Dewa JJ will guide you to sacred Gunung Kawi which is a unique temple site that consists of caves which hold a high vibrational frequency. JJ will share the wonderful mythology about how this temple site was created. Afterward you will meet with a powerful Balinese Water Priestess  who will give you a special blessing. (Please bring a change of clothes as you will get quite wet; a sarong will be provided for your blessings. A long white shirt is recommended to wear for this blessing).

* Donation & entry tickets included in your Tour price US$65

 Bookings and inquiries or call: +628123900382