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Testimonial For Michele Cempaka


Testimonial for Michele Cempaka

Its with great honor that I write a testimonial for Michele Cempaka. A year ago I met Michele. Her beautiful face stood out in the sea of healers that reside around Bali and I knew that this particular woman could help me. I came to Michele at the end of a very bad breakup. This breakup was particularly bad and my soul needed love and nurturing.
Not only was I mentally exhausted but my body was also extremely burned out and as a result I had a large fibroid on my uterus.
I wasn’t sure what to expect, as this was my first time receiving this type of healing. I booked a 1 week retreat with her where I would complete my Reiki 1 & 2.

We would also cover some transformational coaching, hypnotherapy and whatever other tricks she had up her sleeve.
All I know is I came to her broken and the transformation that occurred within her presence was miraculous.
I cannot put into words how your system changes once you get attuned to Reiki. Suddenly you have direction, you can feel the energy within yourself and others. It is such a beautiful gift and I recommend that everyone take this course.

The transformational coaching, hypnotherapy and shamanic healing all were tools that brought me back to myself and nourished my body and mind. I am happy to say that my fibroid no longer exists. All from the help of Michele, her tools and a little credit to Louise Hay. The transformation continued once I left Michele. I was full of energy and full of life. For the first time I felt completely connected.

A year later, I decided to go for my Reiki Masters. I wondered how this course could top the last training that I did with Michele. Once again Michele provided above and beyond what would be covered in a normal Reiki Master course. She has a passion to teach, but she is not egotistical and has a gift with inspiring others to be the very best they can be. She does not hold back on information and will teach you things that aren’t always included in other Reiki Master courses: valuable tools that you will wonder how you ever got by without them.
Michele is the real deal. She is a gifted and compassionate healer and her main goal is to pass on her valuable knowledge to others so that they can not only change their own life but start to change the lives of others. Thankyou Michele for changing my life, you are a blessing and I am so thankful for this journey .

Renee Manning
Reiki Master
Sydney - Australia

Renee Manning

Reiki Master Training

I had a beautiful experience with Michele's Reiki Master Training in Bali recently. It was one of the best weeks of my life, connecting with other women and learning so much! I feel so prepared for my journey as a Reiki Master all thanks to Michele! Not only does she put her heart and soul into everything she does, but she even goes that extra mile! It was such a blessing to be in her presence and I am so glad I found her as my Master!

Thanks again Michele x

May 2015

Natalie Horton

Reiki master attunment and beyond

Michele is a spiritual goddess in human form. I was blessed to connect with her when I was looking for a Reiki teacher in Bali for my Reiki Master attunment. My spirit guides truly lead me to the most amazing teacher I could have dreamed of. Michele began by choosing a beautiful, private and incredibly peacful healing resort to hold our sacred course that served delicious healthy vegetarian food to prepare our bodies for this elevated transformation. Creating sacred space is very important and one of the reasons I traveled from New York City to Bali for my Master Reiki attunment. Michele held a safe space for myself and my goddess sisters during our attunment, not only educating and attuning us to this miraculous elevated healing modality, but she gave us so much more. Michele is art artisan of her craft delivering information with clarity and interest. I know our connection was divinely chosen and I am so grateful and humbled to have studied under Michele. My soul is eternally thankful to you Michele and I pray that you are continually blessed to keep enlightening, inspiring and healing others. Peace, light and love to you forever and always.

May 2015

Dara Jewett

Healing & training with Michele Cempaka

I was lucky to have met Michele while in Bali. Michele has been a teacher, guide and my own personal guru. Not only has she led me towards my own healing but also shown me the way to help others. I will forever thank the lucky coincidence that led me to her. I wish her all the very best for her future. May she spread her healing light far and wide.

Sonal Patil

A heartwarming experience

Thank you so much Michele for the amazing session yesterday! I feel much clearer, energized and ready to embark on my new life plan.

Karen Shepard
Karen Star Sheeps

Yanti Ardie

Bless you, my friend. Thank you for your very kind messages and thoughts. From the perspective of a scientist (me): MTVSS rocks. Your session with me after my big bangup at Ironman Japan really laid the foundation for rapid recovery and enabled me to finish Ironman W. Australia soon after. It's been a tremendous recovery kickstart after this last horrid gastrointestinal virus where I lost a lot of blood. My family really needed me and I was strong enough to be present during a big transition.

Anne Bruce, Ph.D. Research Psychologist, Sausalito, CA and London, UK

“Michele’s ability to listen and guide during our sessions always left me feeling like anything was possible. I found her use of guided imagery to be very a powerful tool that helped me visualize my goal and envision myself realizing my dream. I now feel more confident in myself and my ability to manifest my dream to become a powerful public speaker. Many thanks for all of your help!” Becky Rich, Health Educator, Castro Valley, California

Jenny Jacobs, Australia

“I am soooo grateful for the BARS appointment with you yesterday. I feel wonderfully relaxed, inner calm and energized/renewed. I had a sore lower back (sacrum area) and sciatica which went down my leg before my session. I have not had it since I left you.
I also feel very centered and clear of thought. Thank you so very much.”

Don, USA

“When one decides to use an alternative modality there is a literal sea of them in Bali to choose from.
I have never regretted my decision to go with Shamanic Reiki by Michele Cempaka! It's subtle yet powerful, quiet and at the same time moving and shifting! A very remarkable experience.”

Linda Roan, CH.t., MH.t., Medical Hypnosis Practitioner, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

"Michele is a gifted Transformational Coach and Healer. In our
coaching sessions, she helped me in ways that I can say truly set her apart
from her peers. She has an innate ability to help people get to the core of any issue almost
instantaneously. Her insight and guidance helped me immensely. She helped
me access my truth and I can't think of anything greater than that. She opened a door into my soul... and for that I will
always be grateful." The skype coaching sessions I had with Transformational Coach, Michele Cempaka, gave me the tools to deal with life
challenges and be more confident about my decisions. As a result of her compassionate listening skills and encouragement I have made many practical
advances towards many of my goals: both business and personal. Because of her help I have already achieved my dream job!

Colleen Akiko Jackson, Transformational Coach & Reiki Master Therapist

"Michele Cempaka is a rare gem as a Transformational Coach, Healer
and Teacher. I've had the opportunity to receive coaching from her
several times via Skype. Her energy is clear, grounded and compassionate,
and she brims over with intuitive wisdom and grace. At the same time she is
wonderfully practical, offering tools that really work in creating positive
change. She has an amazing ability to serve as an effective coach on all
levels. Michele brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, ability and caring
into each session. She has helped me discover higher solutions to complicated
situations which I would have otherwise missed. Her peaceful nature, healing
presence and concise communication skills make for an ideal environment for
transformation to begin and successfully continue. I'm very grateful for
Michele's support in my life and hope many others experience this blessing,

Brandy, Bali, Indonesia

"Thank you Michele for attuning me for Level 1 Reiki. It was an amazing experience and
a beautiful day altogether. It was such a gift for me, so I decided to also
have my two children Bradan and Aliyah get attuned for Reiki 1 by Michele! I
look forward to having Michele attune me for Level 2 Reiki in the near future!"

Rowena, Australia

“I’ve had the fortune of having several healing sessions with Michele. Her professional and warm approach made me feel very
much in a state of readiness for her healing powers to work their magic. My Reiki sessions with Michele had a very instant and long lasting impact on my sense
of well being. It is very evident that Michele has a very good understanding of her healing methods and can utilize many different techniques to have the best
connection for her client.”

Caroline Henderson, Australia

“I had no idea what to expect from my 'Transformative Energy Healing' session with Michele, but I was amazed at what came out of it and surprised at what I learnt about myself. I was storing
strong negative emotions, resulting from my current relationship. Michele gently cleared this and then established that I always fear rejection based on my past relationship experiences. This time, the feeling of the blocked energy
was much stronger and as soon as Michele began to release it through natural energy channels I became sweaty and hot, almost feverish. This was followed by tingling in my hands and fingertips as the negative feelings flowed out. I
immediately felt much stronger and positive, I feel that I have stopped subconsciously believing that my relationships are destined to end in heartbreak for me, and now whenever I am aware of any negative feelings building up inside me I know
how to release them on my own. Thank you Michele.”

Jess Burden, USA

“I came to Michele with vague feelings of anger at the world and frustration with people in general. Listening to my complaints, Michele devised an energetic healing session which dealt with a traumatic experience that I had suffered when I was 7. Her patient and
nurturing manner allowed me to re-experience this event in a safe environment. Gradually, through visualization and Michele’s energy work and guidance through the process, I was able to release the anger that I had felt around this incident and neutralize its effects on my emotional body. The link between this event and my defensive anger had become clear on an energetic/emotional level. Afterward, I felt a huge shift: Anger was replaced with calm and judgment with forgiveness. I had spoken about this experience before in psychotherapy sessions, but never felt a sense of resolution that Michele’s energy work gave me. Her work is both subtle and profound and works on many levels at once. I have felt more buoyant and integrated since that session and highly recommend her healing work.”

Sonja, Melbourne, Australia

“I have had a very sick child for two years; she went from a happy healthy 12 year old to a wheelchair in 6 months and rounds
and rounds of doctors’ appointments could not tell us what was wrong. Eventually we worked with integrative practitioners and she is back to health,
but it took two years. I could not get rid of my feelings of anger and fear. Every time she has a normal cold or virus I panic and all of the feelings of
anger surface and engulf me. I met Michele through my spa in Bali in May 2011. I had a session with her to try her healing. I never expected to get so much
benefit from the session. I have been absolutely surprised and delighted. Michele treated me in what seemed at the time to be a very low key and simple
manner identifying my daughter’s situation as a real block for me. After the treatment I had such an incredible feeling of lightness and a soft comforting
feeling around my daughter and her health. I was amazed by such a positive experience; I would not have believed I could feel like this after just one
treatment. I am very happy to highly recommend Michele and her healing.”

Lotta, Sweden

It was truly a sensational feeling to come to Michele with a crooked lower back and experience immediate relief. As we talked
about it, I realized that it was so true that our emotions and feelings can be linked to that kind of pain. I wasn’t able to stand straight when I arrived, and after 5 minutes of doing ‘Emotion
Code’ with you I could actually stand up straight as the pain had greatly diminished. After the next day or so, the rest of the pain just gradually disappeared. Thank you so much for your healing Michele!

Michele Burr, Australia

“As we know we are all different and all in different stages along our path; you seem to find or know what your client needs and you provide the guidance through what ever mechanism, for us to find it within ourselves.
As you know, this is a monumental task with me Michele, and I cannot believe you have succeeded with me when thousands and thousands of dollars in
specialist treatments and many many many years of searching for answers could not. You are truly amazing. The best thing you have taught me is that we all are in for a lifetime of working on ourselves
as there will always be new things to face or old habits to beat. That you tell me you are still learning yourself and that you also have trouble sometimes too, is very comforting to me. Maybe that is it? You put us on the same level!”

Janet Hogan, Australia

“I have tried different types of psychological
treatments in the past, in particular Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and found
it to be confronting, time consuming, expensive and not delivering any tangible
result. By contrast, a one and a half hour ETRCC session with Michele resolved
a major self-sabotaging belief I had been carrying around all my life and the
process was so gentle and neatly structured, I would describe it as enjoyable.
We are clearly entering a new realm of mind/body/spirit healing and Michele
with her breakthrough ETRCC technique is at the forefront of this. It is a
process I highly recommend,”

Jacqui McGuire, Australia, May 25, 2012.

“Michele is all heart. Doing a
shamanic Reiki session with her was an eye opening experience. I wish I had
more time in Bali so that I could've worked with her longer. I came out of the
session walking differently! Since I can remember, I’ve always had knocked
knees; after my session with Michele my knees were straighter! Her Reiki and
intuition is very strong, and she helped me work through a lot of emotional
blockages which I am sure are connected to the knees. I would definitely
recommend looking her up if you get the chance!”

Sook Han Lee, Singapore 2012

“I was looking around for help with finding out what I
really wanted to do, what I wanted to achieve in life. Therefore, when I first
browsed Michele's website, I was drawn to the transformation coaching program.
However, I had some reservations about doing such work remotely via Skype and
about "coaching" in general - neither of which I had any experience
with. I decided to set up an initial call to see if we had the rapport. During
the short call, I felt that we could "click", and I found myself
relating to her easily. Things seemed positive, so I decided to schedule a
face-to-face session when she visited Singapore a few weeks later. Being a very
"left-brained" person, I had found it difficult to accept the concept
of "healing". Despite that, I felt that I needed to clear some
"baggage" that I was carrying, so that I would be ready to forge
ahead to start working on my greater Vision. So, I actually had to get over
myself to do a healing session with Michele when we met face-to-face. Although
everything about the experience was new to me, I felt protected and secure
during the process, and I felt that Michele was "in my corner". The ETRCC
session with Michele was very successful. I felt much
better immediately after the 1-hour session, and it also changed my mind about
"healing" completely. And of course, I decided to go ahead with the
transformational coaching program.

The results that I got from the transformation
coaching program were amazing. I started out not having the faintest idea
about my dream or Vision. I was frustrated that I wanted to achieve something,
but I didn't know what I wanted to achieve. In a short span of 4 months, I have
developed my Vision and am confidently taking active steps towards it.
Throughout the program, Michele was a coach, a buddy, an elder sister who
guided me, kept me accountable in a supporting, loving way. Michele could
intuit where I was at every step of the way, and often the action steps that
she suggested were almost at the tip of my tongue - that was how well she could
sense where I was. Michele's "toolbox" of tools also helped me to
overcome the various challenges that I encountered along the way. I strongly
recommend working with Michele for healing and for transformational coaching.
In addition to the tangible results (having a Vision and taking steps to
achieve my Vision), I feel that I'm no longer "numb" - I'm more in
touch with myself nowadays, and I can dig deep into myself to find my answers. I'm
really glad that I took the leap to work with Michele. Thank you, Michele! I'm
looking forward to making time get my Reiki attunement from you in the near

Aine, Ireland

“I have been fortunate
enough in this lifetime to be blessed with meeting Michele and working with her
as part of her retreat programme. Michele has an admirable way of
reaching out and touching individual people. Her capabilities and
knowledge amazed me and she truely is a very inspirational woman. She genuinely
cares and hand in hand with her skills and knowledge she really wants
to make a big difference in this world. She made a great difference in my
life and for that i will be forever grateful. Having learnt reiki 1 and 2 on my
retreat and being fortunate also to participate in the access consciousness
class facilitated by Michele i now feel confident to strive forward and grasp
this life, hold it in the palm of my hands and make the most of it. Thank
you Michele, happy days always.”

Anonymous, U.K.

Thank you for our weeks healing retreat in Bali. I loved coming to your house on the
first day and doing the five Tibetans (which I still do every morning - well
most). The chakra breathing was amazing although hard at times! I’m sure there were a lot of releases during that
session! I loved the picture drawing and the lovely paper and crayons you gave
us, what a great idea. So nice to be given the opportunity to be creative
without judgement on your ability. The breakfast and lunch of local culinary
delights were yummy! The real coconut was such a treat! The ETRCC with
reiki was a powerful tool and I thought healing each chakra at their
developmental stages was key in unlocking and releasing a lot of issues I
didn't realise I had held on to. Early childhood mainly the root chakra was
very important for me to work through and heal these issues with ETRCC! I feel
that I have really benefitted from ETRCC since returning home and that it has
released some big limiting beliefs. I have enjoyed doing ETRCC on a couple of
friends since I have returned to the UK. So thank you Michele for sharing and
teaching ETRCC with us. The transformational coaching and healing session with
Michele were very powerful. I felt she quickly and
intuitively picked up on some of my biggest issues that needed addressing,
healing and releasing. I really feel this hour session has helped me transform
my destructive relationship pattern which had gone on in all my serious
relationships. Just over a month after I returned From Bali, I began the relationship of my dreams
which I think was a result of my Healing sessions with Michele.

Katherine Rudman, Certified Hypnotherapist

I had the honor of receiving numerous hypnotherapy sessions from Michele over the course of a
month. Even in such a short time, the work we did together has brought
about dramatic changes in many areas of my life. Michele incorporates
many dynamic healing modalities into her hypnotherapy sessions, and her
holistic and individualized approach made me feel extremely supported and
genuinely listened to. She empowered me to be an active participant in my
own healing process, encouraging me to engage in honest self-exploration.
Michele, I am eternally grateful to you for helping me to heal at such a deep
level. I realize now that I have a vital role in creating my own
happiness. Thank you so much for everything.

Yanti Ardie posted to‎ Michele Cempaka January 24, 2014

Bless you, my friend. Thank you for your very kind messages and thoughts. From the
perspective of a scientist (me): MTVSS rocks. Your session with me after my big
bangup at Ironman Japan really laid the foundation for rapid recovery and
enabled me to finish Ironman W. Australia soon after. It's been a tremendous
recovery kickstart after this last horrid gastrointestinal virus where I lost a
lot of blood. My family really needed me and I was strong enough to be present
during a big transition.

Sook Fun Chen, Singapore, January 25, 2014

“I was not expecting anything when I first started Body Processes with
Michele. I heard great things about it and I was excited and opened about the
changes the Processes could bring me. I have received 9 sessions so far. Michele
is sensitive and sharp in picking up energy flows and does whatever it’s
necessary to encourage more clearing at any given moment. Her experience and
knowledge in healing make the Body Processes very potent. She feedback,
questions and guidance make her Bars and Body Processes sessions enjoyable and
facilitate great changes. I am getting more awareness and my consciousness is expanding. These changes have
been subtle but when I reflect on what have happened in the last 9 weeks, I
could sense that I am functioning in the larger space and having more joyful
moment. One of the biggest changes has been my willingness to receive all that my body has
been desired-greater sexual relationship. Never before in my life I was willing
to receive and truly enjoy sex. After the Processes, amazing sexual
encounters showed up and I was willing to take all it can give me. This opens
up a whole new world and for the first time ever, I actually enjoy intimacy
with men and have fun making love!
All I can say is the Body Processes have been nothing but full of
WOW factors. I am excited about more changes that are coming my way!”

Michelle Greaves November 2014

As one of the guests on the retreat this year I couldn't recommend it more. I came
on the retreat with my partner, Will and the retreat gave us deep personal
healing and healing within our relationship. Will became my fiancé when he
proposed on the last day of the 10 day retreat. Our lives have shifted. We have
let go of the fears holding us back, we have opened our hearts, learnt how to honour
each other. We are now setting up a retreat centre together and it is flowing
easily and smoothly after putting in the time to work on ourselves first. We
can handle hiccups that happen in life smoothly, and we are in our power as
individuals. This was down to 10 days of working on ourselves with Alison
Levesley and Michele Cempaka in Bali. I have never come across
practitioners with such effective tools that clear things so quickly, and not
just small things, massive life changing things. Alison and Michelle are
effective and very powerful on their own but when they come together for this
retreat you have everything you need to make the changes you want in your life.
Michelle and Alison's compassion, empathy, strength and their complete belief
in you gives you everything you need to heal things that have been with you a
lifetime. It did this for me and the reason i write this is as i would love it
if even one person can be inspired to go for it and feel the way i feel now.
Free. Love is freedom. Alison and Michelle teach you how to find that love
within your heart that sets you free.

Dr. Gina Heatley (Alternative Medicine) November 7, 2014

"Michele is a naturally intuitive healer, and a patient and
inspiring teacher. I studied Reiki Level 1 with Michele, during which,
for the first time I really began to open up to understanding my body in terms
of energies. Five years later, remembering the lovely learning experience
from Reiki 1, I went on to do 6 distance transformation coaching sessions with
Michele. After the first session, my doubt and fears around changing careers
cleared away and I became certain about the direction I was heading in and was
at peace about not knowing what the exact details looked like. Michele
guided me and allowed me to access parts of my subconscious that I couldn't
explore alone. Thank you Michele, I am forever grateful and highly recommend
you as a Transformation Coach and Reiki Healer."

Glen Choyce, Reiki Master November 25, 2014

I first met Michele Cempaka in 2010 after I moved to Bali to study Reiki. I decided to
study under Michele after finding her website on Google and instantly feeling
drawn to her abilities. I was going through a big change in my life and Michele
was a great guide for me. Michele is an amazing healer and a beautiful soul.
I practiced my level 1, 2 & my masters with Michele and her training was invaluable. I
am a confident & competent Reiki master and I have become a strong,
well-balanced healer and person thanks to the energy work I have done with
Michele. Reiki is a big part of my everyday life. I would highly recommend
Michele for any of her healing sessions and classes, as her client
relationships go so much further than her classes thanks to her caring nature.
I am honored to call Michele a friend.