Diving Deeper into You

Walking the Path of the Shaman

(Intermediate Shamanic training)

*prerequisite: Intro to Shamanism 

If you're seeking to have greater clarity about how you can do what you truly love and would like to learn some awesome tools that will take you deeper into your being, then come join Michele Cempaka

April 30 - May 6, 2018

for an extraordinary Shamanic journey on the stunning island of Bali...


Imagine yourself waking up to the sounds of waves lapping on the beach only a short walk away from your villa. The sweet smell of the cempaka flowers -- one of Bali's sacred and most fragrant flowers fill the air inviting you to gaze out the window and glimpse a procession of beautiful Balinese women dressed in traditional costumes as they gracefully carry offerings on their heads on the way to a ceremony. 



There is a dream like quality to this unique island that completely mesmerizes you and you have this knowing that Bali is the perfect place for you to explore this sacred Shamanic work that is food for your soul. You are excited to be on this journey and feel ready to embrace the adventure that awaits you as you dive deeper into You.


 As you walk outside you are surprised by the tranquility that is almost palpable. The sun gently warms your chest and you feel your heartbeat slowing down as you adjust to the slow pace of life. Along the way to the beach, you see several pretty 'canang' - Balinese offerings that are lovingly placed in front of temple shrines and homes.


You have a strong feeling that this experience will be a catalyst for you to make the changes you truly desire to make in your life. You know without a doubt that choosing to join this Shamanic Retreat on Bali was just what you needed. You’re ready and excited to discover new tools that will help you to create the life of your dreams.

Are you ready to explore new ways of finding your strength through your vulnerability? As a group we will support you in opening up to your vulnerability in a safe and sacred space. We’ll do this through paired work with a partner, specific shamanic journeys and group processes specially designed to foster more personal empowerment.

Imagine what it would feel like to totally love & accept yourself exactly the way you are? On this retreat you will be journaling, drawing and doing deep inner journey work to assist you with releasing any limiting beliefs that have been blocking you from stepping into your greatness.

Would you like to have more clarity about the best choice for you? Of course you would! Through divination exercises, journeying and other powerful exercises you will get valuable information to help you move forwards in your life with grace and ease!




My promise ...

By the time this retreat is over, you will have a deeper connection and acceptance of yourself, as well as clarity about your next steps in life.  You will also feel more revitalized and inspired, and have total confidence that it’s safe for you to let go of control and trust in the flow of life. But the biggest benefit of all is that you will have more amazing tools to help you live your dream life and continue to strengthen your relationships with your Helping Spirits who will continue to assist you in all areas of your life.

The Exotic Venue...

Bamboo Moon villas is only 200 meters away from the golden sand beaches of Sanur. Each room is beautifully designed with eclectic décor and touches of ethnic Balinese to engage your senses while offering you maximum comfort. You will love the large swimming pool which you can lounge around during breaks to get some sun or go for a refreshing swim. Imagine how good it will feel to totally relax and unwind in this natural setting, surrounded by many tropical trees and plants such as the stunning frangipani tree, which always has many gorgeous fragrant flowers



The beautiful 'Buddha' statue in the garden adds to the serene villa environment. Guests can enjoy a late afternoon nap or spend time swimming in the pool. Each bedroom has its own ensuite bathroom. There are two single master suites and one twin room perfect for those who prefer sharing  a room. 


The living room provides a spacious chill out area with a comfortable living room sofa, flat screen TV for those who enjoy watching movies and a modern chef's kitchen which you are welcome to use to prepare your own dinner or special snack.  A sumptuous breakfast will be provided each morning for all in-villa guests.


This will be your time to dive deeper into you in a supportive and caring environment with other like-minded men and women. As you move into this next level of Shamanic initiation more layers will be cleared from the shadow work and powerful journey exercises that you will experience.  

Here's what a recent participant shared about her experience:

"I just finished the Shamanic training with Michele and no words can explain how much this has effected me in a good way. I can see that it's going to make a huge difference in my life. I thank the Universe for bringing Michele to me and I highly recommend that if you would like to go on a journey like this, do it! I can't wait to continue to work with Michele further in learning more about Shamanism,"

Pat C., Toronto, Canada

The Delectable Cuisine...

 The villa is tucked away on a private residential street offering peace and calm while still being close to many wonderful restaurants and cafes where you can indulge in a late afternoon cappuccino by the sea or a delicious fresh seafood dinner expertly prepared with the exotic flavors of Bali’s spices and herbs – a truly mouth-watering experience.

On our first night you will be treated to a wonderful Indonesian specialty called: ‘Nasi Tumpeng’ which is a special yellow rice dish that is often served at Balinese celebrations such as weddings, birthdays or for auspicious events. This is my way of welcoming you to Bali as we join together to celebrate the start of our retreat.


You will arrive at Ngurah Rai airport and be met by a private driver who will take you to the villa or your hotel room nearby. The villa manager or hotel staff will greet you and show you to your room. You'll have time to relax, swim in the pool and freshen up before we all gather together at the villa at 6pm for a special Welcome dinner. Afterwards we'll do a connecting exercise and guided meditation to support our intentions for this program.

Outdoor Sunrise Yoga Girl

Today we begin with a wonderful 7 step practice to help us ground into this sacred work and connect with our higher selves and the Universe. We will also practice Chi Kung to build up our Chi to support us in maintaining and strengthening our minds, bodies & Spirits. The potency of our work is magnified through our intentions to go deeper, as everyone reviews and practices the healing techniques learned in the introductory training. There will also be a special journey to empower your juaca for your healing work and a new method for diagnosing  and treating a client that you don't have any information about. This will be a powerful day of healing for everyone.

Balinese trance dancing (640x361)

We begin our day again with our powerful 7 Step practice and Chi Gung for balancing, grounding & strengthening our energies in preparation for our Shamanic healing work. This will be followed by Soul song as this practice is fundamental in connecting with our authentic selves. Afterwards, we will learn about different ways we can do divination using tools or with journeying. Today you will learn how to deeply merge with your power animal or Helping Spirit & experience the world through their eyes.  Our training will finish at 1pm so everyone will have time to relax, explore Sanur or go to the beach for a swim in the ocean. We will come together again at 5:30pm and prepare for our special night outing to meet my former teacher, Ibu Ayu Cantik, who is a Dasar (channeler of Spirits) and trance dancer. This is truly a unique and powerful experience in which you will get to witness a very ancient practice which involves group trance dance which is a shamanic state that can facilitate deep healing & transformation. 


Today we'll be doing a variety of powerful shamanic practices which will incorporate the use of crystals for healing by placing crystals directly on the body. Stones can be quite powerful tools which can help to magnify your healing work or quicken the healing process. In addition, you will learn several methods for doing Soul Retrieval for yourself and your client. Clearing entities is also an important aspect of Shamanic healing and a necessary skill for all shamans, as many clients will often have entity attachments which are disrupting their health and their lives. You will learn a very simple and safe method for clearing entities from both your client's physical and etheric bodies, as well as how to close any unnecessary portals.


You'll get more practice with Divination & discover how to use a crystal grid for distance healing & manifestation work. today This will be a big day for everyone as we learn new tools for clearing our physical & energetic bodies from any unwanted energies that are blocking us from living a truly joyful and abundant life on all levels. We will also explore how song & dance can be utilized in healing, and how to close our fields  in crowded places so we are not so sensitive to other people's energies. The day will conclude with a fabulous full moon journey under the stars on the beach with live drumming.

animal eye

We are now ready to share our healing gifts with animals. Today we will explore different methods of healing animals at a distance with assistance from our Helping Spirits and also by proxy method. Animals are often more open and able to receive healing if they feel they need it. We will also explore our connection with trees and how we can merge with them for healing and wisdom. In the afternoon, there will be a surprise session conducted by a guest teacher. 


Our final day has arrived! It's time to celebrate all our hard work and willingness to dive deeper into ourselves. Your last journey will be a wonderful finish to your healing and transformational process. Shamanism is also about giving back to the world, so today we will also be doing a very special journey into the core of Mother Earth to help heal her wounds and transmute any lower vibrational energies that are hindering her from regenerating and restoring power to the earth's grid lines. Afterwards we will talk about how to incorporate your shamanic tools & knowledge into your daily life.

What's included:

  • 6 nights in villa or in a superior AC accommodation close by
  • RT pick up & return to/from Ngurah Rai airport
  • 6 days of Shamanic training & practice
  • Full moon shamanic journey under the stars on the beach
  • 6 Daily breakfasts & 5 healthy lunches
  • Welcome dinner & dinner on our night outting
  • Amazing experience with a Balinese shaman - Ibu Ayu Cantik
  • Special gift for your Shamanic activities
  • 60 min. Balinese massage

About Michele

My name is Michele Cempaka. I have lived on Bali since 2002 and I'm married to a Balinese man. I have had the unique opportunity to experience the Balinese culture and religion, and have been initiated by a Balinese 'Dasar' -- a woman who channels spirits through trance dance. She told me that Ratu Gede and Ratunya -- two very important Spirit guides that have great power for healing and protection -- wanted to work with me. Since that day I've fully embraced Shamanism and continue to incorporate the indigenous practices into my own healing work and life.

I utilize a wide variety of tools to assist people with their awakening, healing and profound understanding about themselves and their lives. My passion and purpose is to offer transformational retreats and trainings internationally, to share potent tools to assist as many people as possible with their personal empowerment and transformation.


Accommodation & Rates of the Retreat:
You will be staying in Sanur at a Villa or in a superior hotel room close by. *Villa rooms are on a first come first serve basis. All retreat activities will be held at the Villa.
US$1,699 for single in villa or Superior room 
US$1,399 for twin share
US$1,199 Non residential

Number of Participants: min. 4 and max. 12 participants

Registration Deadline for April 30 - May 6, 2018 Retreat: February 25, 2018


Payment schedule for April 30 - May 6, 2018 Retreat:

US$350 deposit due upon registration
2nd payment of US$450 due by February 28, 2018
Final payment of your remaining balance is due by March 31, 2018

Cancellation Policy:

Apr 30 - May 6, 2018 Retreat

Any cancellation will result in a total loss of your US$350 deposit which is required to secure your place on this retreat. Any cancellation made between: February 15, 2018 - March 15, 2018 will also result in a loss of your 2nd payment of US$450. Any cancellation made March 16 - April 30, 2018 will result in a total loss of funds. I reserve the right to cancel this retreat if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if I do so your initial US$350 deposit and any additional payments made will be fully refunded). Trip cancellation insurance is strongly advised.

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