Emotional Therapy Through Reiki Chakra Clearing (ETRCC)

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ETRCC is a powerful new system that Michele Cempaka developed through her study and practice of several alternative healing modalities. It involves two methods: the first one utilizes the channeling of Universal energy to a client’s specific chakra that relates to their problem or trauma. Client will create a snapshot of the traumatic event, while simultaneously accessing specific meridians through self-administered acupressure around his/her inner eyes; the 2nd method addresses the developmental stages of our lives and how these correspond to each chakra. The client will continue utilizing both Energy Psychology and Universal Energy in the same protocol as mentioned above. Both treatments lead to the neutralization of the client’s painful event or trauma, so that it no longer has any charge for him or her. This method is highly recommended for healing practitioners, therapists, Naturopaths or anyone working in the healing profession, as this method will greatly facilitate the client’s integration of the healing work that is already in process.

Summary: Energy Psychology involves working with a person’s Meridians (energy channels in our bodies) by applying acupressure at one’s inner eye point and switching back and forth between our left and right eyes. This creates an energetic shift within the brain, which allows one to release painful feelings, limiting beliefs and traumas.

ETRCC Level 1

Since ETRCC combines both energy psychology and energy healing, the student must already have some experience working with energy healing, i.e., Reiki, Craniosacral therapy, Theta Healing, Pranic Healing, etc.

Students are introduced to two protocols: 1)working with a specific fear or painful event 2) working with an unknown fear or painful event.They are taken through the first protocol verbally and then watch a demonstration for hands on practice. When everyone has grasped the first ETRCC protocol, they are then introduced to the 2nd protocol which deals with different developmental stages of our lives. These stages correspond to each of our 8 main chakras. Beginning with the 1st chakra, at the root, the developmental stage is from 0 – 6 years old with the issue of trust -vs- mistrust; the 2nd chakra corresponds to the ages of 6 – 12 with the issue of industry -vs- inferiority; this is the time when we begin to get in touch with our sensuality; it is also related to creativity. The stages continue climbing up our individual chakras until we reach the 8th chakra. Students practice the 2nd protocol under careful supervision of the teacher. There are several intervals in which students get to share their experiences and ask questions for greater clarification about ETRCC. This course is an introductory class which will give students enough tools to practice on family & friends only. For those who want to become ETRCC practitioners, it is highly recommended to enroll in Level 2 after successfully completing Level 1.

ETRCC Level 2

In this level students will learn how to handle more serious conditions such as PTSD ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’, phobias, traumas, addictions and physical conditions. Students will delve much deeper into the human psyche, which will require that they have some previous understanding of basic psychology and effective ways to counsel someone in distress. Class will include:

  • Roleplays involving initial intake and how to question your client
  • Hands-on practice focusing on a serious issue or traumatic event
  • Case study report form
  • Journaling about your experience as a client
  • Sharing, questions & answers
  • Other tools to help client relax & release

Upon successful completion of Level 2, students will receive a certificate which certifies them as an ETRCC practitioner. Both Level 1 & 2 must be successfully completed, along with 24 case studies in order for the practitioner to apply for the Teaching certification program. However, case studies are not required for those who choose to be practitioners but do not wish to become ETRCC Teacher trainers.

ETRCC Teacher Certification

This program is for ETRCC practitioners who have already completed levels 1 & 2, along with the prerequisite of 24 case studies prior to entry into the ETRCC Teacher Certification program. During the course of this training, students will also be required to complete an additional 24 case studies with a total of 48 (including the prior prerequisite of 24 case studies). In addition, students will be required to make a video of one of their ETRCC sessions and submit it for review.

What you will learn during this program:

  • How to create class programs for ETRCC levels 1 & 2
  • How to give an effective demo of ETRCC
  • How to guide your students in an ETRCC session
  • Troubleshooting – knowing when to take over a student’s ETRCC session
  • How to market your ETRCC practice
  • How to clear the space and set up the energy prior to a workshop
  • How to deal with difficult students who may try to disrupt your class
  • How to create an ETRCC community to keep ETRCC practitioners connected
  • How to be a great mentor without becoming co-dependent

This program is offered through correspondence with 1 skype conference call per month with myself or another qualified teacher trainer. All materials will be sent in Adobe pdf. Expected completion time for ETRCC teacher training is approximately 6 months, but there is no time limit as to when you must complete the training to become certified. After successful completion of this teacher training course, accredited teachers will receive a 1 year member listing for free, a lifetime 15% discount on all spiritweaverjourneys workshops, trainings & products & 1 free ETRCC session with myself or a qualified trainer either via skype or in person.