Journey into the Heart

Reclaim Your Power & Purpose with Shamanism

Bali, Indonesia 

Apr 7 - 12, 2018

Are you seeking to have a deeper trust in yourself and intuition? Are you longing for more heartfelt relationships and fulfilling connections? Are you ready to learn some awesome tools to help you maintain your personal power in life? Yes?! Then come join Michele Cempaka for this extraordinary Shamanic journey on the stunning island of Bali...


Imagine yourself waking up every morning to the sounds of birds and soothing Gamelan music coming from a nearby ceremony. You gaze out the window and notice a beautiful frangipani tree in full bloom with fuchsia colored flowers and lush greenery everywhere. You walk outside and feel a lightness in your being that you haven’t felt for a very long time.



The nature which surrounds you is a source of peace and healing – something you have been yearning for. As you walk outside you feel a gentle breeze flutter your hair and the sun warms your face and arms. Along the way to the beach, you see several pretty 'canang' - Balinese offerings that are lovingly placed in front of temple shrines and homes. You feel your guards are lifting as you open up your heart to Bali's magic. In this moment you realize that your mind chatter has totally disappeared. You feel such gratitude for this experience, and know that you made the right choice to join this Shamanic Retreat on Bali. You’re ready and excited to discover new tools that will help you to live a more fulfilling and empowered life.  

Imagine how amazing it would be to discover just how capable you are. On our retreat you will go on Shamanic journeys to meet your power animals and other helping Spirits and learn how they can help you increase your personal power. You’ll also get to be with other like-minded men and women who are seeking deeper connections with others just like you.

Picture how empowered it would feel to trust and let go of your fears of being judged by others. During our time together you will get to experience deep healing through hands-on practice with a partner, specific Shamanic journeys and group processes specially designed to help you to heal & release any painful events that have been preventing you from trusting yourself and others. Come discover the joy of opening up to all of life!



My promise ...

By the time this retreat is over, you will have a deeper trust in yourself and intuition allowing you to navigate both your intimate and casual relationships more openly and honestly, leading to more heart-felt and fulfilling connections. But the biggest benefit of all is that you will have potent tools to help you maintain your personal power so you do not lose yourself in your relationships, as well as learning to easily connect with your higher Self and Spirit guides for daily guidance and inner healing.

The Exotic Venue...

Bamboo Moon Villa is ideally situated only 100 meters away from the golden sand beaches of Sanur. Each room is thoughtfully designed with modern décor and touches of ethnic Balinese to engage your senses while offering you maximum comfort. You will love the large swimming pool which you can lounge around during breaks to get some sun or go for a refreshing swim.

The surrounding garden is a lovely mix of exotic tropical trees with a wide array of colorful flowers and lush greenery. There are three en suite bathrooms adjoining the bedrooms. The living room provides a spacious chill out area with big comfy chairs, a flat screen TV for those who enjoy watching movies and a state of the art sound system. Additionally, Bamboo Moon Villa provides a full kitchen which guests are welcome to use to prepare their own dinner or special snack.  

The Delectable Cuisine...                                                                     The villa is tucked away on a private residential street offering peace and calm while still being close to many wonderful restaurants and cafes where you can indulge in a late afternoon cappuccino by the sea or a delicious fresh seafood dinner expertly prepared with the exotic flavors of Bali’s spices and herbs – a truly mouth-watering experience.                                                                          
If you are a ‘foodie’ then you’ll definitely love all the incredible international cuisine on offer in Bali from authentic ‘Rendang’ – a scrumptious Indonesian beef dish cooked in a spicy dark curry sauce to Ayam betutu – a fabulous traditional chicken dish that is steamed in a pot with Balinese spices which will explode with flavor as you chew on this tender and very tasty chicken. On our first night you will be treated to a wonderful Indonesian specialty called: ‘Nasi Tumpeng’ which is a special yellow rice dish that is often served at Balinese celebrations such as weddings, birthdays or for auspicious events. This is my way of welcoming you to Bali as we join together to celebrate the start of our retreat.

Retreat itinerary

You will arrive at Ngurah Rai Airport and be met by a driver who will escort you to Bamboo Moon Villa in Sanur. I will be there from 4:30pm onwards to personally welcome guests. Relax, get settled, have a swim in the pool before we all come together to share a special welcome meal in the villa as the sun sets. We will introduce ourselves and do a special group connecting exercise so that we are all in sync with one another, and then I’ll go over the program and answer any questions. There will be a special evening guided meditation to support our intentions for this retreat program.
Today we begin with a wonderful 7 step practice to help us to ground into this sacred work and connect with our higher selves and the Universe. We will also practice Chi Kung to build up our Chi to support us in maintaining and strengthening our wellbeing. I will explain about the history of Shamanism and why this practice can greatly support us in living an empowered life. Then we’ll dive in with singing our ‘Soul songs’ with rattles and drums. You’ll then learn how to ‘Create your Sanctuary’ for journeying to the transcendent realms. This is a day of opening up and gently putting our toes into the water of Shamanism as we experience the magic of journeying in Spirit to both the Upper and Elemental worlds to meet our Helping Spirits. In the afternoon, there will be a solitary activity in which you will search for your ‘juaca’ – a special stone that the Peruvian Shamans used for healing. You will be using your own juaca for some of the your healing work during this program and beyond. In the evening there will be an extraordinary Full Moon journey under the stars to meet your power animal (s) who can assist you in many ways: for strength, courage, clarity, healing, and more.
We begin our day again with our powerful 7 Step practice and Chi Gung for balancing, grounding & strengthening our energies in preparation for our Shamanic healing work. This will be followed by Soul song as this practice is fundamental in connecting with our authentic selves. Afterwards, we’ll share our experiences with finding our juacas and any wisdom that we received with the group. Then you’ll go on a journey to meet your helping Spirit or totem animal that would like to assist you with doing your healing work. This is a powerful activity that will shift you into a deeper level of awareness. I will then explain how to prepare for healing by merging with your power animal and you’ll get to practice merging with one of your own totem animals. I will do a demo so everyone can see how to do Shamanic healing and then you’ll practice healing with a partner. After lunch I’ll give a talk about traumas and how we can heal ourselves through Shamanism, and then you’ll journey to your past to heal any old wounds – emotional, mental, spiritual or physical trauma. Everyone will have the opportunity to share their experiences if they wish to but this is not required. We will conclude the day by learning about Energetic cords and you’ll get to practice removing cords with a partner. This will be a powerful day of healing and transformation.
As we begin day four, you are already feeling the great benefits of our 7 Step practice, Chi Gung and Soul song which are assisting you with your connection to your higher self and to the earth. Your personal power is four times greater than when we began four days ago. This work is truly fostering great transformation and empowerment for your life. Today you will take a journey to discover what your power animal/helping Spirit would like you to do for him/her and journal afterwards for reflection and deepening our understanding about our relationship with our power animals/helping Spirits. Then we’ll merge with our power animals and do a ‘Pass the Power exercise’ which will prepare us for ‘Healing & extraction’ practice using our juacas. Everyone will practice healing in pairs and share their results with the group. Later in the day you’ll learn how to get permission for doing a distant Shamanic healing for someone using muscle testing & other techniques. This will be followed by a ‘Distance Shamanic healing’ for someone you know or don’t know. We will share our discoveries first in our groups and then with the class. After lunch we’ll do a fun and potent ‘Healing drum’ practice in pairs or in groups of three. I will demo this so everyone knows how to call in their helping Spirit into the drum and then drum around the patient sending them healing to wherever she or he needs.
Let’s go exploring! We will have a check in and brief talk about Ida Resi Alit – the Water Priestess and the purpose of our visit. This is a truly unique experience in which everyone who wishes to participate will receive a powerful water blessing. Be prepared to get very wet! Afterwards we’ll have lunch by the stunning ricefields and visit Gunung Kawi – an ancient and intoxicating temple site made up of caves and shrines. Our day will end with a visit to a local coffee plantation where you’ll get to learn about how coffee is made and sip on some tasty fresh brewed coffee and teas.
Our final day of our Shamanic retreat will begin with the 7 Step exercise, soul song and a check in with Q & A to see how everyone is doing. It’s time for us to celebrate our journey of deep transformation and healing together with Soul Song, rattles & drumming. There will be a special surprise group activity as my farewell gift to all of you. We’ll finish with closing thoughts, group sharing, photos and evaluations.
About Michele                                                                                                                                                             My name is Michele Cempaka. I have lived on Bali since 2002 and I'm married to a Balinese man. I have had the unique opportunity to experience the Balinese culture and religion, and have been initiated by a Balinese 'Dasar' -- a woman who channels spirits through trance dance. She told me that Ratu Gede and Ratunya -- two very important Spirit guides that have great power for healing and protection -- wanted to work with me. Since that day I've fully embraced Shamanism and continue to incorporate the indigenous practices into my own healing work and life. I utilize a wide variety of tools to assist people with their awakening, healing and profound understanding about themselves and their lives. My passion and purpose is to offer transformational retreats and trainings internationally, to share potent tools to assist as many people as possible with their personal empowerment and transformation.


Accommodation & Rates of the Retreat: You will be staying in Sanur at a villa or in a superior hotel room close by. *Villa rooms are on a first come first serve basis. All retreat activities will be held at Villa Louise with the exception of our day out to meet Ida Resi Alit. US$$1,299 for twin share  US$1,499 for single in villa or superior room US$999 Non residential retreat rate Registration Deadline: March 12, 2017 However, there may still be openings available after March 12, 2017, so please inquire at: JIH retreat
Payment schedule: US$350 deposit due at time of booking  2nd payment of US$449 due before Feb. 28, 2018 Final payment of your remaining balance is due on April 7, 2018 *Minimum 4 people maximum 12 people
Cancellation Policy: Any cancellation will result in a total loss of your US$350 deposit. Any cancellation made between: Feb. 15, 2018 and Apr. 6, 2018 will result in the loss of your 2nd payment of US$449 & any additional payments that have been paid for this retreat. I reserve the right to cancel this retreat if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if I do so your US$350 deposit & any remaining payments will be fully refunded). Trip cancellation insurance is strongly advised. Here are some recommendations: or