The Magic of Reiki Healing Energy

By Michele Cempaka

Beautiful brunette getting reiki therapy at a luxury spa

Reiki is derived from ‘rei’, meaning ‘free passage’ or ‘transcendental spirit’ and ‘ki’ meaning ‘vital life force energy’ or ‘universal life energy.’ It is a Japanese form of alternative healing which seeks to restore an energetic balance within the body, thus helping those whose vital energy has become imbalanced or depleted.  Reiki involves the transfer of universal energy which is channeled through the practitioner to the patient by laying hands just above the patient’s body.  A Reiki practitioner is able to sense where a person’s energetic field begins and can effectively work within this field without even touching the person.  The calming influence of Reiki energy makes it ideal for any stress-related illnesses.  There have been many studies on the main causes of sickness, and stress is certainly in the top five for most people.

While there are several forms of Reiki being practiced today, the principal practice is ‘the Usui System of Natural Healing’ which is also known as ‘the Radiance Technique.’ This powerful technique was originally developed by the founder of Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui in the 1800’s. Through many years of study he discovered ancient sounds and symbols that are linked to the human body and nervous system which activate the universal life energy for healing. This system focuses on balancing and strengthening the body’s energy which facilitates its ability to heal itself.

Not only will Reiki assist your physical healing process, but it can also help those who are dealing with difficult emotional issues such as grief, depression or anxiety.  There is an abundance of universal energy out there just waiting for us to utilize it. When we open our minds to the possibility that we have the innate ability to heal ourselves, we become empowered. Many people who have experienced Reiki feel that it addresses the body, mind and spirit, giving one a total rejuvenation and healing which continues long after the Reiki session.

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