Journey of Self Discovery

You realize you have something valuable to offer...

but you also might be experiencing a lot of frustration or dissatisfaction because you’re not living your life at your maximum capacities. Instead, you’re missing out on opportunities that you know would allow you to shine.

You're tired and overwhelmed and need clarity about your next steps...

and just need some support and inspiring ideas to jumpstart your life. You are ready to make a big change now!

You have a strong sense that you could be creating greater success in your work and your life...

but there are some hidden blocks or limiting beliefs that are holding your back. It’s like you keep going round and round on the hamster wheel and never really get anywhere.

Dive deeper into discovering your authentic self!


In this 12 week program we will focus on mining the gold within you. You’ll discover any shadow elements within you that could be blocking you from fulfilling your dreams and transform them into your strengths.

We will also explore deep unconscious programs that are causing you to sabotage yourself and your life and create new positive imprints for success.

Your gifts during these 3 months will be:

  • 6 – 60 min online coaching/healing sessions
  • Powerful healing & clearing session
  • Greater Self love & Acceptance
  • Potent tools & practices to clear & protect your energy field
  • Channeled reading from my Divination Spirit
  • A powerful soul retrieval journey to reintegrate missing pieces of your ‘Soul Consciousness’
  • Personalized Mp3 clearings for clearing your unseen blocks
  • 10% discount on any of my retreats or trainings
  • Unlimited access to me via WhatsApp texting
  • And much more!