Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

Have you been feeling disconnected or stuck? Are you yearning for deeper fulfillment in your life?

Are you ready to change your mindset so that you can live a joyful life?

Do you sense that you have some limiting beliefs or negative imprints that are holding you back from reaching your highest potential?

Come take a life changing journey with me. Over the next 6 months I will support you to  identify your needs, core wounds and shadow aspects so that you make the changes you need to live an extraordinary life.

You will also learn about your attachment style and behavioral patterns that keep you stuck and unhappy in your relationships with yourself and others. 

I will share how you can easily self regulate your emotions and find healthier ways to fulfill your needs. You’ll discover how  changing your mindset will allow you to heal & transform your life.

Become the ‘Master of your life’ and fully embody your truth so that you can life authentically. This program will give you everything you need to be truly empowered so that you can weather any storm that you may encounter.

Are you ready to let go of all your old and limiting paradigms that no longer serve you? This program is for anyone who is ready to fully commit to radically changing their lives! No more excuses.

You totally deserve to give yourself this priceless gift!

Your gifts during these 6 months will be:

  • 12 – 60 min online Mindset Coaching sessions
  • Deeper understanding of your behavioral patterns & how to change them
  • Subconscious needs & the 4 components to success
  • Learning to meet one’s own needs via healthy habits
  • Reprogramming to receive your needs
  • Understanding your Core Wounds & relationship triggers
  • Identifying Your Core Beliefs & reprogramming them
  • How to set healthy boundaries
  • Shadow Values & how to integrate them in healthy ways
  • Conflict communication tools
  • Nervous System Regulation
  • Self Mastery techniques
  • Mp3 clearings for reprogramming your beliefs
  •  Healing & clearing session
Be the Master of your Life - Spirit Weaver Journeys - Bali, Indonesia
"We had a tremendous experience working with Michele. Originally, we were referred by a dear friend to help us clear negative energies around us – old patterns, fear-based frequencies, etc.. This work was remarkably quick and effective – leaving us feeling lighter and more free. From there, we deepened our experience and worked with Michele in parallel tracks. This gave us an opportunity to work on and clear our own ancestral patterns and habitual programming so we could come back together even stronger as a couple. Michele herself is a beautiful healer and guide. She is a powerful combination of empathy, strength, nurturing, and commitment. We both left every session with very practical tools to apply to our daily lives so that we can keep our energy clear and the way we show up in the world most aligned to our authentic path. We are extremely grateful to Michele and our journey with her. No doubt, our paths will cross again!” Lots of love from both of us – with gratitude!!
Intuitive Coaching - Spirit Weaver Journeys - Bali, Indonesia
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