Shamanism & Breathwork Retreat with Michele & Monika

Monika Reiman is the founder of Full Spectrum Breathing
This is a modality which uses breath as a powerful re-set tool, to move you towards more ease, and a better quality of life…The simple practice with major ‘WOW’ effect
The way we breathe is the way we live, and the same is true for: the way we live, is the way we breathe. That means, your breath influences the quality of your life. 
Breathing is the only automatic function in your body that you can learn to regulate, giving you direct access to your chemistry and physicality.
As a practitioner of Yoga, Pranayama, and Holistic Body work for over 2 decades, she has experienced and identified the profound effects of breath and the potential it holds.

Michele Cempaka is the founder of Spirit Weaver Journeys

She has been a Shamanic practitioner since 2007. She was initiated by a Balinese Priestess to work with the Spirits Ratu Gede & Ratunya who assist her with her Shamanic healings & clearings.

She has taught Shamanism internationally and on Bali for many years, sharing this ancient practice with the purpose of empowering people to step into their sovereignty.

Michele’s training includes many Shamanic lineages such as: Balinese, Ecuadorian, Mongolian, Native American, Aztec & Toltec & Peruvian. She has been guided to share the Shamanic path with people at this time to help them navigate through these challenging times.

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