Private Sessions for Your Healing & Transformation

How can I support you?

Our sessions together will be healing and deeply transformative, as I support you to move into a higher frequency.

I will assist you to clear many limiting beliefs and patterns that have been holding you back in life.

My background as a Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach give me a unique skill set to help you rapidly shift your mindset, heal your body & connect to your Higher Self.

April Specials

Complete Transformation

In this 9 session package you will uncover many unconscious patterns and programs that are blocking you from fully accessing your purest potential.

Each session will build off the last, allowing you to go deeper, so that you can heal & release all that no longer serves you. This program is ideal for people who are ready to fully commit to deep transformation on all levels!

Clearing, Healing & Empowerment

Was $699 now $639

In this 6 session package, you will experience lasting change as we explore old traumas, fears & programs that you’re ready to release from your life right now!

I’ll help you shift into a higher frequency so that you can attract the people & situations into your life that you deserve!

This program is ideal for people who are ready to transform their lives!

Crisis Healing & Support

This 3 session package, is ideal for people that are in crisis & need immediate assistance to get back into a place of peace & calm. It is not suitable for people who have longterm emotional or chronic issues.

I will support you with your current challenge so you can realign and regain your personal power.

You will also learn several potent tools to support you in living a fulfilling life.