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Powerful Healing Experience

Intuitive Coaching - Spirit Weaver Journeys - Bali, Indonesia
Valia & Kostas Bastas

“We had a tremendous experience working with Michele. Originally, we were referred by a dear friend to help us clear negative energies around us – old patterns, fear-based frequencies, etc.. This work was remarkably quick and effective – leaving us feeling lighter and more free. From there, we deepened our experience and worked with Michele in parallel tracks. This gave us an opportunity to work on and clear our own ancestral patterns and habitual programming so we could come back together even stronger as a couple. Michele herself is a beautiful healer and guide. She is a powerful combination of empathy, strength, nurturing, and commitment. We both left every session with very practical tools to apply to our daily lives so that we can keep our energy clear and the way we show up in the world most aligned to our authentic path. We are extremely grateful to Michele and our journey with her. No doubt, our paths will cross again!”
– Valia & Kostas Bastas

Lots of love from both of us – with gratitude!!

I have had the privilege of knowing Michele Cempaka for the last 22 years, during this time I have received several healings from Michele. I have had Transformational coaching as well as having my BARS facilitated.
Michele is a diverse healer who has clarity, light and is energised. I have benefited from the different modalities that Michele offers. I have also attended a workshop….??

My experience has transformed my career, my relationships and health. Michele’s’ ability to speak the truth and facilitate transformation for myself has profoundly altered my life, beginning with a change in my career direction. I have been able to heal past relationships and reset my mind with the Bars facilitation, “stuff” has disappeared.
Michele has seriously changed my life! Every time I have had a session I could feel myself shifting, opening my mind and releasing patterns I no longer need. I am a Yoga Teacher now and since working with Michele, my awareness of who I am and what I can be has become phenomenal! I have been able to create incredible opportunities and I know it’s because of the Transformational coaching and Access BARS! I highly recommended Michele!

My relationships with family, friends and work colleagues are all the better for it. How does it get any better than that?

With love and gratitude,
Danella Draper

Katherine Rudman - transformational Therapy - Spirit Weaver Journeys

Transformational Hypnotherapy

Katherine Rudman

I had the honor of receiving numerous hypnotherapy sessions from Michele over the course of a month. Even in such a short time, the work we did together has brought about dramatic changes in many areas of my life.
Michele incorporates many dynamic healing modalities into her hypnotherapy sessions, and her holistic and individualized approach made me feel extremely supported and genuinely listened to. She empowered me to be an active participant in my own healing process, encouraging me to engage in honest self-exploration. Michele, I am eternally grateful to you for helping me to heal at such a deep level. I realize now that I have a vital role in creating my own happiness. Thank you so much for everything.

I first met Michele Cempaka in 2010 after I moved to Bali to study Reiki. I decided to study under Michele after finding her website on Google and instantly feeling drawn to her abilities.
I was going through a big change in my life and Michele was a great guide for me. Michele is an amazing healer and a beautiful soul. I practiced my level 1, 2 & my masters with Michele and her training was invaluable. I am a confident & competent Reiki master and I have become a strong, well-balanced healer and person thanks to the energy work I have done with Michele. Reiki is a big part of my everyday life.
I would highly recommend Michele for any of her healing sessions and classes, as her client relationships go so much further than her classes thanks to her caring nature. I am honored to call Michele a friend.

“Michele is a naturally intuitive healer, and a patient and inspiring teacher. I studied Reiki Level 1 with Michele, during which, for the first time I really began to open up to understanding my body in terms of energies.
Five years later, remembering the lovely learning experience from Reiki 1, I went on to do 6 distance transformation coaching sessions with Michele. After the first session, my doubt and fears around changing careers cleared away and I became certain about the direction I was heading in and was at peace about not knowing what the exact details looked like.
Michele guided me and allowed me to access parts of my subconscious that I couldn’t explore alone. Thank you Michele, I am forever grateful and highly recommend you as a Transformation Coach and Reiki Heale