4 Awesome Tips to Support You in Becoming a Successful Professional Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Many healers and spiritual teachers struggle to make a living because they don’t have all the professional skills needed to create a thriving business healing & teaching others. Imagine what it would be like to elevate your skills and knowledge as a healer & spiritual teacher so that you can have the abundance you truly deserve. What would your life be like 12 months from now if you could take that leap of faith and share this journey with other conscious women?

Our Webinars

January 16th – SGT 7:00pm UTC+8
January 20th – SGT 4:00pm UTC+8
January 23rd – SGT 11:30am UTC+8

MICHELE CEMPAKA - Spirit Weaver journeys

In this 75 min. live webinar you’ll learn & experience:

  • The Power of a positive mindset for manifesting your successful Healing & Spiritual Teacher Business
  • Who your avatar is & why it’s key to be crystal clear about your avatar to effectively market your services
  • How color can have a big impact on marketing your services
  • A simple but potent Clarity Exercise to help you make important decisions about your next steps in life

Who am I?

Hello! I’m Michele Cempaka and I’ve been working as a professional healer & Spiritual teacher since 2007. From a virtual online English teacher, to a freelance writer and now a professional Healer and Spiritual Teacher, my whole life completely transformed once I let go of my limiting beliefs and fully stepped into my power. 

Now I am living my passion on the beautiful island of Bali, where I feel so blessed to be attracting people from around the world who are seeking to learn how to activate their own healing abilities and intuition. 

It is my mission to touch the lives of 1 million people’s lives through my trainings and healing work. I have been guided to support women healers who are ready to take that leap of faith and manifest their dreams to become successful healers and spiritual teachers. It is my belief that this is how we will become the invitation for other people to reach for their dreams and embody their highest potential.

Michele Cempaka - Reiki - Spirit Weaver Journeys

Here are some highlights of my professional credentials and training:

  • Opened my  professional Healing practice in 2007 after I was initiated as a Reiki Master in Bali, Indonesia
  • Began teaching Reiki 1 & 2 classes in 2007 and Reiki Master classes in 2010; I have attuned 100+ people
  • Became a Certified Transformational Coach in 2011
  • Became a Certified Hypnotherapist in 2012
  • Certified Results Coach in 2018 with Authentic Education
  •  Have studied & practiced Shamanism since 2008 with a variety of teachers, including several Shaman Masters in Ecuador, Ibu Ayu Cantik – a Balinese priestess who initiated me to work with 2 Balinese spirit guides and Sergio Magaña
  • Completed the following business trainings: Retreat Blueprint program, Difference Maker Accelerator (How to set up your business) & Inspire to Buy (sales training)
  • I continuously do trainings with Authentic Education several times a year to keep my skills sharp so I can be a great coach & mentor for my clients
  • I am a certified Secondary Education teacher in English, so I have great teaching skills!

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