Your Self Love Journey with Katia

Katia is a certified personal & business coach who loves working beyond the mind with the subconscious, emotions & energies. She incorporates Human Design & Hypnosis into her practice. As a single-born twin, fear of loss and deep sadness unconsciously accompanied her from birth. Step by step she released deep-seated fears and limiting beliefs that were holding her back, so she could fully embrace abundance on all levels — feeling secure, deep peace & joy, feeling complete & personal freedom. Katia is currently living as a digital nomad and loves a world with colorful and unlimited possibilities where everyone can be who they are!

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About the Author: Michele Cempaka

About the Author: Michele Cempaka

I have lived on Bali since 2002. I work as a spiritual advisor, Intuitive coach, energy healer, teacher and shamanic practitioner. My mission is to share potent tools for personal transformation and empowerment so that people can thrive in their lives.