Many people think that meditation is mainly sitting in quiet contemplation, but it’s much more than this. It also involves a range of active techniques which assist you with controlling your mind not only during sitting practice, but also throughout your daily life. When one has the ability to be totally present in whatever one does, this too is meditation.

Meditation is essentially a state of relaxed, highly directed concentration, focused on a clearly defined stimulus. This stimulus can be almost anything spanning from the more formal meditation technique of watching or counting the breath, to washing the dishes or gardening with a one-pointed mind that is completely present with the task at hand. Meditation is not based on how often we get to the cushion to sit in contemplation – it’s our ability to observe our thoughts and become the master of them, rather than our thoughts becoming the master of us. Like any muscle, the more you practice the art of meditation, the stronger your mind will become.


When we mediate we can experience physical relaxation through letting go. Our body is re-educated so that it can easily relinquish bad habits and replace them with healthier new habits. This allows us to have greater body awareness and truly be in communion with our bodies.

Meditation also helps us with greater concentration which is the foundation of all meditation systems. Through regular practice, we learn how to cultivate concentration in all that we do. Thus, a student can experience great success with their studies as they will be able to focus on the task at hand until it’s completed.

Meditation - Spirit Weaver Journeys - Bali, Indonesia
Group Meditation - Spirit Weaver Journeys

Additional Benefits

Other benefits include: more control over thought processes, increased tranquility and the ability to deal with stress, improved mindfulness and improvements in creative thinking. Additionally, many people experience enhanced self-understanding – the ability to have an awareness of what happens in the deeper levels of the unconscious.

For those who are forgetful, meditation can greatly assist with improving memory. Most of our forgetfulness is due to our failure to concentrate on what is happening or we tune out from what someone is telling us, so that the information isn’t stored in our memory banks. Emotions like anxiety and worry, for example, before taking a test, can also inhibit our memory. When we open up to our awareness, it is much easier to remember what is going on around us. Finally, meditation can enhance spiritual development by giving us a new way of experiencing the world and cultivating more compassion for all beings.


You will learn basic posture, breathing and concentration to deepen your meditation practice. Discover the power of ‘Aum’ and its divine meaning and learn about the chakras and how they relate to our physical and Etheric bodies. We will practice a guided chakra cleansing & activation meditation and draw and journal about our experiences. The end result is total relaxation and alignment for a healthier and peaceful life.

Meditation - Spirit Weaver Journeys - Bali, Indonesia
Meditation - Spirit Weaver Journeys - Bali, Indonesia


We will practice a combination of the Five Tibetan Rites & Chi Gong to enhance your awareness of your own energy and the energy around you – balancing and energizing your whole system. We will also practice a dynamic chakra breathing meditation and experience ‘Energy dancing’, in which you will be guided to tune into your body, feeling and then slowly releasing any energy blocks through your intention and visualization. Participants will also draw and journal about their experiences.

The end result: rejuvenation, total energy balancing & healing.


Discover how to practice meditation for profound healing and relaxation. Some of the meditations/visualizations will include: ‘Journey to Meet Your Future Self’ & a powerful ‘White Light Healing Meditation’. We will also draw and journal about our experiences to deepen our awareness of ourselves & experience ‘Energy dancing’, in which you will be guided to tune into your body, feeling and then slowly releasing any energy blocks through your intention and visualization.

The end result: Healing & balancing for your body, mind & Spirit

Meditation - Spirit Weaver Journeys - Bali, Indonesia

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