Spirit Weaver Shamanic Mentorship

Are you seeking to deepen your connection to your Helping Spirits?

Would you like to learn many powerful Shamanic practices for healing Self & others?

Do you have a calling to follow the path of the Shaman?

SHAMANISM - Spirit Weaver Journeys - Bali, Indonesia

If you answered YES then the Spirit Weaver Shamanic Mentorship programs will give you the confidence, wisdom & tools needed to become a professional Shamanic Healing practitioner.

Now more than any other time in history, people like you are being called to step fully into their power and embrace their divine mission to be of service.

Spirit Weaver Shamanic mentorship programs will give you everything you need to share your healing gifts with the world. You will go deeply into discovering your authentic self throughout our time together & through the ancient Shamanic practices and initiations that I will be guiding you through.

Get ready to transform your life, for once you begin this journey you will not be able or even desire to return to your old self. The new self you will birth will be your purest potential — more joyful & on purpose.

Our Mentorship Programs

Who is the 6 month Group Mentorship for?

Are you someone who likes working with a team or in community, because you love getting support and inspiration from other like-minded women?

Are you just getting started with your healing practice and you would like help with refining and deepening your skills even more?

You know that you have a lot to offer, but you just don’t have a clue how to get started?

If you have done training in at least 2 different alternative healing systems and feel a calling to become a professional healer and/or Spiritual Teacher, or you would just like to deepen your skills and knowledge for yourself and your family, then this mentorship is right for you.

As both a professional healer and former teacher in Secondary Education, I have the professional knowledge and natural abilities to mentor you in becoming the best Energy Healer and/or Spiritual teacher that you have always wanted to be.

If you are ready to fully commit to working in a small group of no more than 6 women, do all the home play required and be fully open to new ideas, this mentorship is right for you!

It is important that you understand that during our 6 months together, you may be challenged to recognize old limiting patterns, habits or addictions that no longer serve you.

Additionally, you may be triggered by other members in our group. You must be willing to take full responsibility for yourself, and continuously choose to act consciously and with compassion.

Are you still struggling with how you can best protect your energy field from psychic attacks or other people’s lower vibrations?

Do you often feel drained or even exhausted after you’ve given healing or taught a Spiritual workshop?

Do you have the feeling that something is blocking you from being an amazing healer/teacher & you’ve tried to clear it but nothings seems to work?

Are you having difficulties with setting clear boundaries with your clients & feel under appreciated or not totally valued for your work?

Group Mentoring

What if your mentoring journey was influenced by like-minded people seeking Spiritual Mentoring services just like you?

Imagine what it would be like to be in an intimate group of 6 or less people where you can safely share and explore new spiritual/healing techniques.

How would it feel to gain access to your higher truth & tap into your intuition even more?

This and so much more is possible for you in group mentoring.

Group mentoring is a combination of group facilitation and mentoring. As your mentor, I will share my wisdom & skills with the the group,  e.g. through storytelling, providing instruction on specific healing and/or spiritual methods, giving feedback etc.

Thus, the mentor as well as the mentees help each another learn and develop within the framework of your Spiritual Mentoring Program.

Some of the advantages of group mentoring are:

  • Mentees can gain insights from the mentor as well as from their peers.
  • Sharing your spiritual growth and vision, as well as concerns, brings greater validation and clarity
  • Generates a sense of belonging and mutual understanding
  • Because it involves more than two individuals, group mentoring deepens your Spiritual understanding & opens you up to new ways of thinking/perceiving
  • Co-creation of your learning experience is very empowering

What Will I Receive During my 6 Month Group Mentorship Program?

Unlimited support! Get access to me 24/7 via email.
I will guide you through your transformation & healing as you evolve & learn with other like-minded women who will also support you to reach your highest potential. There will also be a Trooth private membership so you can easily connect with all the women in our mentorship program.

Mentoring Calls

Two (2) - 60 min. private mentoring calls during your 6 month mentorship. Each month there will also be two (2) - 90 min. mentoring calls to empower you in your healing practice and your life. These Zoom calls will be recorded for your convenience so you can review what you have learned.

Many powerful Healing tools & practices

From Reiki to Hypnosis to Energy Psychology & much more. You’ll learn many potent techniques that will strengthen your healing practice & support you in accessing your highest potential.

The Art of Shamanic Healing

How to connect with your power animals & Helping Spirits, drum methods for healing & clearing away lower vibrational energies, power animal retrieval for self & others, soul retrieval, divination, and much more..

Guided Meditations & Clearings

Download your special mp3s to help you deepen your meditation practice, open up your intuition & get clear. On all our zoom calls I will guide you on a special channeled meditation to connect us all.

Soul Retrieval Journey

Any soul fragments from your past that are integral to your total wellbeing will be returned to you in this special soul retrieval journey. You will also learn how to do this for your clients.

Pachamama is speaking …

Her voice keeps whispering in your ear, telling you that it is time for you to walk your path as a Shaman. Perhaps you have been ignoring her messages? Now her voice is getting louder, and you can no longer ignore her loving request to claim your destiny…

The path of the Shaman is not an easy path, as there are often many challenges a long the way — this is a path of courage, as we must face our shadow self and learn how to accept those parts of us that we have hidden from ourselves and others. 

Shadow and light are both needed. One can not exist without the other. As we walk the path of the Shaman, we discover how each of these elements gives us power and courage. 

“Shadow work is the Path of the Heart Warrior”

– Carl Jung

“Knowing your own darkness is the best way of dealing with the darkness of other people”

-Carl Jung

As you progress through your Mentorship Program You will notice and Receive


  • Increased intuitive abilities & stronger connection with your Helping Spirits

  • Deepening of your Shamanic abilities, which will greatly enhance your healing work

  • Greater clarity & confidence about who you truly are and your greater purpose as a healer

  • Your limiting beliefs and old patterns will be replaced with new positive programs that support you in reaching your highest potential

  • You will experience powerful journeys that will activate your healing gifts & elevate your frequencies

  • Clear protocols for all the Shamanic techniques that you learn

  • Allow these profound changes to flow into you and through you and you will be completely transformed in 6 to 12 months from now

I'm ready to expand my Shamanic knowledge & healing abilities