Usui Reiki - the pathway to healing & deep transformation...

Reiki 1, 2 & 3

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese characters, rei and ki. Rei is usually translated as ‘universal’, but the Japanese character also carries the connotation of spiritual knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

The character ki, like the Chinese chi or the Indian prana, stands for the fundamental energy of the universe, the life force that flows through all of existence and all living beings, the breath that unifies us all.

Reiki is a system that allows people to channel this universal life force where it is most needed, bringing relaxation to themselves and others, dissolving blockages, energizing and promoting healing.

After getting attuned for Reiki 1, practitioners can treat themselves and others with hands on healing.

After learning and being attuned for Reiki 2, some people choose to become Reiki practitioners. Reiki can be used on people of all ages, alone or combined with orthodox or alternative treatments. It can also help animals and plants flourish.

Upcoming Reiki Classes

Reiki 1 group class – August 3rd or 17th

Reiki 2 group class – August 24/25 

*Classes may also be booked privately at your convenience

Benefits of Reiki

  • Reduces stress and tension; improves relaxation and sleeping patterns
  • Headaches, stomach aches and other day-to-day ailments
  • Treats acute and chronic muscle aches, arthritic and rheumatic aches
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces pain and recovery time after injury
  • Promotes recovery from illness
  • Increases the effectiveness of both orthodox & alternative medicines
  • Strengthens people and animals before surgery and afterwards
  • Reduces withdrawal symptoms when giving up addictive drugs, alcohol and cigarettes
  • Helps children’s growth and development proceed properly
  • Helps people to overcome anxiety and fear
  • Helps people to grow and achieve their full potential

My Story about the Power of Reiki

When I was 50 years old I had a serious motorbike accident. I was rushed to a nearby hospital in Bali, where my injured arm was x-rayed. The doctor came out and said that I had badly broken my right arm — he recommended surgery.

I said to my husband with determination, “There’s no way I’m getting surgery!” After a few days we went to see a specialist, and he told me that I didn’t have to have surgery, but if I didn’t, my arm probably wouldn’t heal 100%. It was in this moment that I knew I had to completely trust that I could heal myself with Reiki.

Reiki - Spirit Weaver Journeys - Bali, Indonesia

Every day I spent about 20 – 30 minutes channeling Reiki into my broken right arm with my left hand. I surrendered to my healing process and fully believed that I could heal myself with Reiki as I had done with so many clients who came to me for a variety of illnesses and injuries.

After six weeks, I intuitively felt that it was time to get another X-ray. During this whole time I didn’t even have a cast on my arm, because the break was too high and very close to my shoulder. The doctor looked at my old X-ray and said, “Wow this break was quite bad. If I’d been your doctor, I would have insisted that you had surgery. Okay let’s do another X-ray now and see how much you’ve healed.”

After a few minutes the X-ray was ready and the doctor held it up in the light. He had a shocked look on his face as he looked back and forth between the old and new X-ray. “It’s incredible! Your arm has healed perfectly as if you’d had surgery. I don’t understand it?” said that doctor in disbelief. I was smiling on the inside and out, because I finally had evidence of how powerful Reiki truly is. Anything is possible when we have a clear intention and dedication to healing ourselves and others.

Reiki One - March 30 or April 6, 2024

In this one day training, you will discover how to heal yourself & others by channeling Universal energy. In level one you will learn & experience the following:

  1. How to ground, center & protect yourself prior to doing Reiki practice
  2. Chakra clearing & strengthening meditation
  3. Basic Chi Gong to support your Reiki practice
  4. Properties of the 7 main chakras
  5. Background on Reiki & its uses for healing
  6. How to give a Reiki session for oneself and others
  7. Basic hand positions
  8. Other tools that can enhance your Reiki practice
  9. 2 attunements given by me to activate your ability to channel Reiki

You will also receive a handbook, certificate and ongoing email support. A light lunch will be provided.

*Please inquire about alternate dates as private classes can be booked at your convenience.

Reiki - Spirit Weaver Journeys - Bali, Indonesia
Reiki - Spirit Weaver Journeys - Bali, Indonesia

Reiki Two - April 13/14 or April 20/21

In this two day training, you will discover how to take your Reiki practice to the next level. At this level you will learn & experience the following:

  1. The three symbols to empower your practice
  2. How to do distant healing
  3. Self-healing with the symbols
  4. Our seven layer auric body system
  5. How to do a full Reiki session using all 3 symbols
  6. Cleansing & activating auras, chakras & energy systems
  7. Hands on practice with the symbols
  8. Seikheki Chiryo (habbit treatment) for clearing limiting beliefs & unhealthy habbits
  9. 2 attunements given by me to activate your ability to send Reiki & use the power symbols

You will also receive a handbook, certificate and ongoing email support. A light lunch will be provided.

*Please inquire about alternate dates as private classes can be booked at your convenience.

Reiki 3 Master Training

In this three day Master training you will shift to a very high frequency that will transform your life on many levels. You will learn and experience:

  • What does it mean to be a Reiki Master & how can you utilize this new level of mastery in your life as well as in the lives of others?
  • Discussion on the symbols: Tibetan Fire Serpent, Dumo, Usui ‘Dai Ko Myo’ & their uses. Students will practice drawing DKM.
  • Discussion on the history & uses of Anthakarana – a powerful symbol which can enhance your attunements.
  • Review the 7 layer auric field.
  • Explanation of the Hui Yin exercise & Violet Breath & their uses in passing attunements
  • Microcosmic Orbit Meditation – Explanation & practice.
  • Receive master attunement
  • How to prepare to pass an attunement to someone else
  • Learn how to give a level 1 attunement.
  • Learn how to give a level 2 attunement.
  • Types of diseases and treatments; explanation of healing crisis & review habit treatment.
  • Explanation of how to cut energetic cords & clearing our auric field
  • Entity clearings for self, others & places.
  • ‘Reiki Psychic Surgery’
    Introduction of Crystalline grids and their uses
  • Qigong exercises to strengthen your energy system.
  • How to teach Reiki levels 1 & 2, manuals, certificates & record keeping.
  • How to give a Reiki Master attunement
  • Learn Barbara Brennan’s hands-on healing protocol
  • Pendulum Chakra diagnosing

This training is only offered to people who have been attuned in both Reiki 1 & 2 and have also been regularly practicing Reiki for a minimum of 6 months. Enrollment is open to those who have studied both Reiki 1 & 2 levels with me, so that I can assess your readiness for Reiki Master training.

You will also receive a manual, certificate, 3 months of monthly zoom support calls, as well as email support. 

Reiki healing - Spirit Weaver Journeys
Michele Cempaka - Reiki - Spirit Weaver Journeys