Do people make you wrong for your beliefs?

Alone in the Crowd

I recently got an email from a former client who was absolutely furious with me for a comment that I made on my webinar. There was a slide of a young girl with a mask on. Her watery eyes peaked from above the hospital mask filled with deep sorrow. I shared with the webinar participants that I felt sad about all the children who are growing up during this pandemic, because many of them will be impacted by not being able to see someone’s whole face or feel it is safe to hug someone or hold their hand. We have no idea what the psychological impact this will have on our children. This is true, and studies are already showing that kids are becoming much more distrustful and are experiencing more anxiety disorders than ever before.

So back to the former client, I emailed her to ask how she was doing and whether she’d like to book her bonus session with me. No response. I emailed her again about 2 weeks later genuinely concerned (we had a very good relationship up to this point, so I didn’t have any reason to believe that she was upset with me). She finally responded with a very angry and judgmental email saying that I was on the wrong platform for believing in Trump, and that I would ruin my business with my political beliefs. I was frankly confounded. She mentioned what I said on the webinar and seemed to take it quite personally saying that her whole family wore masks and that they believed this is the right thing to do.

I have no problem with people having different truths and or beliefs than me. I never tried to push my agenda on this client, so I was surprised and hurt by her harsh words. I realized in that moment that she is like many people in the world right now who think that if you don’t take their side, you’re wrong. What happened to respecting people’s individual beliefs? What happened to diversity? It seems that many people these days are unable to be in allowance of other people’s choices. Is this the only instance that this has happened to me? Nope not at all. In fact most recently, I shared a video with a friend which was a lecture by Dr. Simone Gold who is with the American Frontline Doctors. She gave an excellent talk about the real truth behind COVID19 experimental vaccines. I shared this video with my friend, because she had been telling me that she planned to get the vaccine. I was concerned for her wellbeing. She had the opinion that as healers we can transmute anything, therefore if we get this vaccine we could clear out any adverse effects and heal herself. Yes, I do believe that as healers we can heal ourselves and also facilitate others to heal themselves, but I am also aware that healing can sometimes take much longer than planned. There may be other factors such as diet, how fit someone is, etc, that can interfere with or slow down the healing process. Knowing all this, it just doesn’t make sense to risk taking this experimental vaccine.

I thought since she had shared her truth and I didn’t judge her for her beliefs, that she would do the same for me, but instead she became angry, because I mentioned how she hadn’t been able to heal her own heart condition, so perhaps it might not be that easy for her to heal herself after getting a vaccine? Kaboom! She got so upset with me and accused me of psychically attacking her?! I was totally perplexed. I had sent this info because I love her and want her to be safe, but I also said I understood that she is a sovereign being and I would respect whatever choice she made. Sadly she didn’t believe me and chose to accuse me of psychically attacking her.

I think it’s time for people to stop judging others with different beliefs from themselves. All this hatred, blame and pointing fingers will only lead to more pain and suffering for all of us. We all have our truths and while your truth might be totally different from mine, that doesn’t give me the right to attack you, nor does it give you the right to attack me. If even our own closest friends can’t handle hearing a different truth from their own, then we are in trouble.

It’s time for people to wake up and unite — not fight each other. Now more than ever we need to unite in love and mutual respect. As we think so shall our outer world be made manifest.

Much love,





About the Author: Michele Cempaka

About the Author: Michele Cempaka

I have lived on Bali since 2002. I work as a spiritual advisor, Intuitive coach, energy healer, teacher and shamanic practitioner. My mission is to share potent tools for personal transformation and empowerment so that people can thrive in their lives.